The city of Celina and our surrounding villages have evolved into modern urban areas with diverse shopping, manufacturing, housing and cultural opportunities. Even with our progress, we have retained the down-home, peaceful way of living. We welcome you into our community.

Village of Coldwater 
Mayor: Douglas Bertke
608 Fairview Dr.,
Coldwater, OH  45828
Phone: 419-678-8503
Village Administrator: Eric Thomas
Phone: 419-678-4881
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Village of Fort Recovery
Mayor: Dave Kaup
201 S. Main St.
Ft. Recovery, Ohio 45846
Village Administrator: Randy Diller
Phone: 419-375-1056
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Village of Mendon
Mayor: John Siano
102 S. Main Street
Mendon, OH  45862
Phone: 419-795-6355
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City of Celina
Mayor: Jeff Hazel
302 S. Ash Street
Celina, Ohio 45822
Phone: 419-586-6464
Safety Service Director: Tom Hitchcock
Phone: 419-586-6464
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Marion Community & Villages of Chickasaw and Maria Stein
Mayor: Ben Kramer
110 W. Main Street
P.O. Box 205
Chickasaw, Ohio 45826
MCDO Director: Jim Keller
Phone: 419-925-4764
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Village of Montezuma
Mayor: Steve Fortman
69 W. Main St.
Montezuma, OH  45866
Phone: 419-268-2560

Village of Rockford
Mayor: Amy Joseph
PO Box 282
Rockford, Ohio 45882
Phone: 419-363-3032
Village Administrator: Aaron Temple
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Village of St. Henry
Mayor: Steve Koesters
121 W. Washington, P.O. Box 410
St. Henry, Ohio 45883
Phone: 419-678-4438
Village Administrator: Ron Gelhaus
Phone: 419-678-4030
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Village of Burkettsville 
Mayor: Joe Stammen
20 Home Street
Burkettsville, Ohio 45310
Phone: 419-375-4659