About Us

A pink sunset overlooking a lakeWelcome to Mercer County! Whether you found our site looking for a place to visit or a place to call home for your family and/or business, you will not be disappointed. At exactly two hours from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Toledo, Mercer County is conveniently located in the center of EACH of these cities.

This part of the state has a proven workforce ingrained with a Midwestern work ethic, dedicated to productivity and profitability. Our region’s roots are in agriculture, and our people take pride in what they do. Work is important to us, and doing the job right is our primary goal. These beliefs also translate into high attendance and retention rates for the local workforce.

tall buildings beyond a grassy fieldFinally, we believe the attributes of our community go beyond just location and a strong work ethic. It is OUR SENSE OF COMMUNITY that makes us strong and resilient even in the tough times. Strong family values and a commitment to one another lead to successful schools, businesses, and cities as they are all closely connected. With average student graduation rates of 98.8% and attendance rates of 96.8% along with “Excellent w/ Distinction Ratings,” our schools have consistently ranked among the highest in the State.

Good teachers? Yes. Strong families and high character? Absolutely! The transition from classroom to the workplace is highly effective for local businesses. These statistics translate into excellent worker performance, high attendance and excellent productivity.

a golfer teeing offMercer County offers recreation and leisure activities including Grand Lake St. Marys, golfing, land of the cross-tipped churches, craft beer, dining, bike trails, walking paths, and beautiful parks with organized adult and youth activities. Combine this with plentiful jobs, Mercer County residents enjoy a remarkable quality of life.