Mercer County has a skilled, trained and available workforce.  Our workers will add value to your business. In a recent survey of local companies, owners and supervisors rated our workforce attendance, retention and productivity as “Excellent”.  Workers in Mercer County have an extremely strong work ethic and dedication. These are the benefits your company can expect from the workers of Mercer County and the surrounding area.

Mercer County is located centrally in the West Central Ohio region. This means your business will be positioned to take advantage of the knowledge, work ethic, and productivity of the nearly 350,000 workers in the region.

Wages and benefits paid to our workers are very competitive. Click here to download Mercer County Current Wage Survey Data.

Finding the Right Workers

The goal of Hometown Opportunity is to ensure that everyone in our community is aware of the jobs and careers available. Our local companies are in need of our local talent, who all too often do not realize the great opportunity right here in our own backyard. Our mission is to connect job seekers of all ages with local businesses, aimed at steering high school, college students and adults toward the appropriate education and/or training that can lead to a career that is available right here, right now.

Hometown Opportunity

Workforce Training and Resources

There are numerous business training tools to support targeted workforce continuing education.

Ohio’s Workforce Vision: The State of Ohio has set a priority to be a national leader in talent development. Ohio Means Jobs offers a variety of business training tools to support targeted workforce continuing education. The Ohio business community can take advantage of several free and financial assistance opportunities designed to stimulate the availability of educated labor to serve industry-specific needs.

Employers and workers in Mercer County can access services through Ohio Means Jobs – Mercer County Office at:
Mercer County One Stop Central Services Building
220 W. Livingston Street, Room B272
Phone: 419-568-6409