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a blue and green background with a hand reaching out to touch several white puzzle piecesWhether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or current business owner, Mercer County provides the perfect location to build a profitable business. Ohio has led the nation in new and expanded businesses for the past three years and continues to be committed to supporting business development and growth. The State of Ohio has redesigned its business climate with a low-cost tax structure, investment in 21st-century industries and resources that will make your business more competitive around the world. Ohio also provides an arsenal of incentives, loans, grants, and tax credits to encourage business growth. Access to much-needed capital is also available to help efficiently and successfully transition your product or service from R&D to commercialization. Start your business in Ohio and enjoy these key benefits.

Easy access to profitable markets lowers your costs of doing business. A strong supply chain across numerous key industries improves your efficiencies and profits. An abundant, skilled labor supply improves productivity, quality, and profit. Public-private support eliminates obstacles, accelerates start-up and feeds business growth. Ohio’s perfect balance between professional and personal life attracts and retains the best talent for your company. 

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The Ohio Business Gateway and the U.S. Small Business Administration provide FREE state-level information needed to get started or continue on your entrepreneurial journey.